It's Show and Tell Time!

Dance Yoga in a Trance!

Posted in Activities by Sandwich on July 14, 2009

I have done a bit of yoga from some dance classes, and from the Wii at home. I can do some of the poses, but sometimes, I think I invent my own. main_yogaHaha.

I really like doing it, because it requires some skill, a lot of concentration, and a strong sense of balance in order to stay in one position. I have got a lot to learn, and I am so eager to do so. All I need is some time and a lot of money, both of which is out of the question at the moment.. Bikram yoga classes cost a lot! 😛

I came across an article from this month’s Preview magazine, and it features a different kind of yoga–yoga trance dance! It starts with different yoga poses and moves to freestyle dance.. And as I understand it, from easy music to rock music, ala-Chemical Brothers! This makes it doubly interesting, triple even! It frees you from all inhibitions, and as a teacher of the class puts it, the experience asks you a question: “What is the dance of your life? Have you been dancing it? What has been stopping you all this time?”

I want to try it!! 🙂 I have invited a few friends too, and we were able to get the schedule and the fee for it already:

2289 UPRC III Building, Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati.
Tel. No. 468 4165
Cel. No. 0917 83PULSE
Every last Saturday of the month, 7:30pm. P550 per session.

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