It's Show and Tell Time!


Posted in Places, Technologies by Sandwich on August 7, 2009

The Chocolate Hills of Bohol and Mt. Mayon of Bicol, could both be seen in a day, while in Manila. Through Nayong Pilipino, when it was still open, that is. 😉 The gondolas of Venice, the Colosseum of Rome and the Eiffel Tower of Paris, could currently be seen all in a just a day too, in Macau.japanbeach3

All of these are replicas of real tourist attractions, created for a “feel” of a real thing. Hills, volcanoes, rivers and edifices: re-created. But, can anyone re-create a beach? Amazingly, the answer is yes!

The Ocean Dome, an indoor beach, was opened on July 30, 1993 in Phoenix Seagaia Resort, Miyazaki City, Kyushu Island, Japan. A 984 x 328 foot dome, it was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest indoor water park.

It had perpetually good weather. It had a retractable roof: if the weather outside was good, the roof was left open. Otherwise, the roof, made to look like real skies, was closed. The Ocean Dome3indoor temperature was set at 30 degrees Celsius, the water temperature at 28 degrees Celsius.

Marble sand–600 tons of polished marble chips–was brought into the dome, together with 13,500 tons of salt-free water, creating an 85-meter long sanitized shoreline. It also had a flame-spitting volcano which errupted hourly. There were 3.5-meter waves pumped out at regular time intervals. Artificial palm trees and mechanized parrots were also found inside the dome. It was all made up to simulate the “eternal summer”.

Unfortunately, the resort went into bankruptcy, and closed down on October 1, 2007. It never opened again, even when it had at least 10 million customers, due to great losses incurred, as it never got to be how its owners envisioned it to be. The main reason could be its location: it is built on an island, and was less than a thousand feet from an actual beach.Ocean Dome4

Still, it is interesting how possible it is for people to re-create hills, volcanoes, rivers, edifices AND beaches, though the replicas can never be as good as the originals.  Nothing beats the real thing. 🙂



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