It's Show and Tell Time!

Hannah Montana of the Fashion Industry

Posted in People by Sandwich on August 10, 2009

On TV, Miley Cyrus is famous for her Disney show, Hannah Montana, as having the “best of both worlds.”  She is Miley stewart, an ordinary teenager, in the morning.  She is Hannah Montana, a famous pop singer, at night.

gt1747In real life, Kira Plastinina, a 17-year old Russian is becoming sort of like Hannah Montana in fashion.  She is considered to be the youngest fashion designer, and has started designing clothes when she was 14.  She goes to school in the morning, and designs clothes at night.

She has always loved designing clothes, and with the help of her father–Sergei Plastinin, director of Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods (largest dairy producer) in Russia–she has opened stores in her country, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, US and in Europe.  Recently, she has opened a store in Manila, at 2nd Level, Megamall B, too.

There’s been talk of her wanting to be like Paris Hilton, her mismanagement of some of her stores in the US and her being one of the “Spoilt Bratski Revolution” (Young, glamorous and supremely confident, the daughters of Russia’s mighty oligarchs are now making their names in everything from fashion design and pop music to television and publishing, propped up by their fathers’ incredible wealth.*).  But I think, like everyone, she deserves a chance.  She might be going to Parsons, New York soon.  We’ve got a lot to see!



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