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Bakbakang Ong Bak!

Posted in Movies by Sandwich on August 11, 2009

When it comes to movies I like, I get excited!!  Ong Bak 2!!  I’ve watched it 3 times while in a bus to work, and I’m in awe.  I’ve never started it, nor have I finished it, but I’ve “middled” it, and it’s jaw-dropping!  I don’t remember if I understood the subtitles, or if there were any, but it doesn’t matter.  I like it still.  Hahaha!  ongbak_2c

It was so good I had to ask the conductor once what the movie was.  He mumbled a few words and went away, so I just nodded my head.  The man I was seated next to agreed that the movie was indeed good, and asked for the title from me too, and because I just nodded my head and honestly didn’t understand a word the conductor said, I just mumbled more incoherent words and he said “Ahh..” Hahahaha!!  Ang labo talaga. Sana alam na niya ang title ngayon. Hahahaahha!!

Okay back to the movie.   It is a Thai film, made in 2008.  Just so I won’t mislead you, I know nothing of martial arts.  I’ve tried Muay Thai once, and I’ve watched Jet Li and Jackie Chan movies, if that’s any consolation.  But I think I can appreciate a good fight when I see one.  You’ve got to watch this!  The cinematography was well-done.  You get the feeling that there’s a fight coming up, and your eyes stay glued no matter how bloody it is.  The fight scenes are terrific, to the point of being gory at most times.  The main actor, Tony Jaa, has this fierceness and seriousness in his eyes, it’s scary.  He fights well, I’m telling you.  Wild, sort of like a Thai Russell Crowe!  An Asian Gladiator!

Well, actually, the reason I remembered Ong Bak 2 is because it will be shown in Manila cinemas tomorrow.  So it looks like I’m ahead, thanks to the buses.  The wonders of piracy, haha.  Now, I’ve got a chance to appreciate the entire film, and not just enjoy all the action scenes. 😛


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