It's Show and Tell Time!

We’re gonna get through this! :)

Posted in People by Sandwich on October 1, 2009

The past few days have been tough for Filipinos.  With less than 300 deaths, flooded houses, floating cars, and lots of evacuees, yes, this is tough.  We have been bombarded with news on the typhoon Ondoy since September 26, most of them bad. It is, however, innate in us to look for laughter, despite the hardships. Here is a collection of good-naturedness worth commending.  (Courtesy of Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr.)  Mabuhay ang katatagan at kasiyahan ng Pinoy! 🙂

Pelayo Documentary: Bahay Noon, Dagat Ngayon

One cool surfer!

And here’s one hunky surfer!

President GMA

Walang kawala pa rin si Kanye.. haha!

And of course, here’s Cheniffer, making the most out of Ondoy! Summer na summer, kahit mejo bumabagyo na.. Win!! Hahaha!!

On a more serious note, I pray that those affected will fight to the end.  We’re bracing ourselves for another storm, but we can do this!  God help us. 🙂


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