It's Show and Tell Time!


Posted in Activities by Sandwich on October 22, 2009

Meet my painted carabao, Corazon!   I was on my way home last night, but there was an art activity in our office building, so I stayed and joined.  CorazonIt was on designing papier mache figures.

I got a blue carabao, and I dressed it up, and turned it into a pretty thing.  She’s a lady.  She’s got eyeshadow and red lipstick.  She also has yellow swirls and red hearts dotting her body.  One look at my carabao and the teacher told me, “You’re in love, kitang-kita sa mga hearts.”  And I just laughed and thought out my reply, “Haha, now?  Not really.”  Well I loved what I was doing then, maybe that’s the reason for all the hearts.   Haha!

I missed doing these kinds of things.. I haven’t painted in months!!  I’m glad to be back.  Corazon’s helped in pumping up the creativity in my veins.  Haha!  Artistico, here we go!

It was surprising, and it was enjoyable.  Hmmm.  I wonder what today will bring. 😉


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