It's Show and Tell Time!

Found Inspiration at an LV Store

Posted in Products by Sandwich on October 24, 2009

I go inside a Louis Vuitton shop not for their bags, not for their shoes, not for their jewelry, not for their sunglasses (although they looked good on me when I tried them on *harhar*), not for their watches, but, read this: for their scrapbooks!  Got to love them!  So pretty.  I got inspired and my hands started itching for my watercolors, my brushes and my sketchpad!!  😉

DSC01489The store uses the scrapbooks for design.  They pair it up with the leather goods on display.  I asked and they told me that they sell them at P4700 per book.  There is a scrapbook for each city, and right now, at Greenbelt 5, they have ten cities available, among them Paris, Peking, and my favorite Rio de Janeiro.

Well, I think it goes to show that fashion houses don’t just get ideas tout de suite (French for right away). They get their hands dirty too!  I might as well do the same with where I am now! 😉


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